When is the right time to hire a builder?

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Over the years we have been building in the Wellington region, a question we commonly get asked is “When is the right time to starting looking to hire a builder?

Since top builders are often booked well in advance, it is imperative you start looking as early in the building process as you can if you want to get the best quality builder to work on your project.

First of all, get a clear understanding of when you want your project to be completed and start working back from there. That way you can give the builder a rough indication of when your project is likely to commence so they can start factoring it into their work schedule.

For your start date, remember that planning applications usually take at least eight weeks to process.

When to hire a builder?

Generally speaking, if you want your builder to help you in the design process, you should engage with them as one of the primary steps. Not all builders will provide this service, so make sure you take this into consideration during your research for the best builder for your job.

If you have already decided your architect or draftsman then as soon as you have these plans finalised you should start engaging with your short list of builders to see if they will be available in the time frames you require. Without plans, builders are in the dark and may provide a higher quote.

Remember: You don’t want to be left unable to use the builder you want because you didn’t engage them early enough!

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